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Breakthrough in reproductive health

Fertilix® is a unique blend of natural vitamins and minerals that act as hydrophilic (water-soluble) or lipophilic (fat-soluble) antioxidants. Collectively, these vitamins and minerals support sperm health at a molecular level, protecting DNA and other cellular components from free radical damage and other physiological and environmental stressors we face on a daily basis.

Superior PPV

Identifying idiopathic cases of male infertility requires an accurate, easy to use test. MiOXSYS ’s sORP measure is based upon the principle of Oxidation-Reduction Potential, which measures the giving and taking of electrons. In clinical validation studies MiOXSYS’ sORP provides a superior PPV, which is required of a rule-in test. The MiOXSYS System enables laboratory efficiencies with stat capability, requiring less than 1 minute hands on time, and results in 3 minutes.

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The 100% Survival Club

Vitrification was the third major advance in human ART, after IVF itself and ICSI. Now, the protocol of vitrification has been optimized to preserve oocytes and embryos of any developmental stage. These improvements result in very high functional survival of oocytes, assuring high rates of fertilization after ICSI and high rates of pregnancy after embryo transfer.


In recent years, the aging population and the increasing number of infertility have led to problems in social, economic, and many other aspects. To increase the fertility rate has become one of the important issues for many countries.
However, to overall review the market of medical device you will find that there are few products focusing on the specimen testing in human reproduction field. Because of this, Bonraybio creates the product brand, LENSHOOKE & C-KUP , and devotes to develop the high precision testing system with excellent efficiency of detection flow to increase the quality of medical environment, and also to raise the birth rate of human beings.

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