About Us

Custodians of Life. Protecting Life.

About Us

Androcryos SA (Pty) Ltd was founded in 2013 in response to specific needs of IVF Clinics, Gynaecologists, Oncologists, Urologists and Fertility specialists.

The Fertility Industry in South Africa and abroad requires dedicated specialised services, sound diagnostics, targeted therapy, monitored quality results that are clinically proven, successful treatment and outcomes for life.

In answer to our passion to assist infertile couples and ultimately create families, we embarked on a quest to investigate, evaluate, source and supply services, & products that directly impact the patients and lives of infertile couples, fertility clinics and andrology laboratories.

Our Vision

Relevant, Current, Verified, Targeted, Reliable, Accurate, Therapeutic.

Our Mission

To explore, investigate, research, procure and provide diagnostic, therapeutic, pharmaceutical, and other methodologies that impact directly on the infertile couple and the IVF Practitioner.

Petrus Loubser

Petrus Loubser

Managing Director

Petrus joined Androcryos CC in 2011. Androcryos is a well-established Sperm Bank and Andrology Laboratory in South Africa founded in 1984 and was the first Sperm Bank in South Africa and Africa. He brings substantial Business Management experience from a diverse management background.

Our Scientific Advisors

Prof. Ashok Agarwal
Dr. Moncef Ben-Khalifa
Prof. Jonathan Ramsay
Prof. John Aiken

Afsana was invited to the board during February 2018. Afsana is a qualified pharmacist who obtained her degree at Medunsa in 2002 and her subsequent honors degree from Medunsa in 2008 and later her MSc Medical from the University of Pretoria. Afsana has an interest in pharmaceutical product registration, regulatory and compliance matters.

Afsana Moosa

Director - Regulatory and Compliance

Danie joined us in March 2018 after lengthy discussions on the vision and mission of our company. Danie is an expert in male fertility and has published many books and scientific papers on the topic. He has more than 50 years’ experience in this field and as such is a scientific giant and a strong resource in this area.

Prof. Daniel Franken

Director - Research and Development

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